Welcome at Brewery Leysen

Heavenly located at the Campine Mesopotamia between the rivers Nete and Aa.


The love for brewing grew out of the love for beer. The rich history of Belgian beer and tasty beers have led us to take a step in the brewing world and to start this adventure

Trial and error

Started in 2000 with the hobby brewing, we have developed many beers. Some nice of which everybody wanted more, the other less good and disappeared quickly. Yet the beers evolved and and were increasingly appreciated by friends and family.

A new start

The plant also grew from 30l to 100l and 200l further. The brewery has officially started since December 2015. Small and traditional but with full enthusiasm to provide the beer lovers of tasty and accessible beers


Since launching, we have grown incrementally. After half a year, in April 2016, a new kettle of 400 liters was installed. And from November 2015 a second kettle of 500 liters was added. So we continue to work on expanding our brewery but the craftsmanship and delivering consistent quality remain fixed values for the future.


Baskwadder, a Monster, a Legend, it would wander at night in the woods of the Campine and would even eat barbed wire. This fantasy creature was used to scare the kids. So they certainly went home before dark from the woods.

Baskwadder Blond

Baskwadder blond is a light blonde beer with a balanced taste, a hint of citrus and a mild bitter aftertaste. Baskwadder blond includes several hop varieties ensuring a balanced but soft bitterness. A beer of choice to be enjoyed on a summer terrace. Baskwadder blond is fermented in the bottle and taste will evolves in the bottle. Contains 7% alcohol.

Baskwadder Dubbel

Baskwadder Dubbel is a dark, reddish-brown beer. The taste is spicy and complex with a balanced bitterness at the end. A hint of stout is to be found in both the aroma as well as in the taste. Baskwadder Double includes several hops: Target, Styrian Goldings and Hallertau. Baskwadder double is fermented in the bottle. Because of this taste will evolve and will become even softer after some time. Contains 6.8% alcohol.

Baskwadder Tripel

Baskwadder Tripel is a blond/amber beer. The taste is balanced and resounding with a bitter aftertaste. Baskwadder Tripel contains several hops: Target, Fuggles and Hallertau ensuring a balanced yet spicy bitterness. Through this bitterness and higher alcohol content it is a beer to enjoy quietly. Baskwadder Tripel is fermented in the bottle. This allows the flavor evolves. Contains 7.8% alcohol.


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